GOT-IT (Guidelines on Target Assessment for Innovative Therapeutics) - Funding


Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Funding number GOT-IT: 16GW0192K & 16GW0193

Overall objective of the project

Medical progress and new, innovative therapies can only be guaranteed by continuous development of new active substances. The most important starting point for identifying these new drugs are molecular targets involved in modulating the disease of interest. The validation of pharmaceutically relevant targets on the basis of defined quality criteria is a critical step for biomedical research and translational drug R&D programs.
The GOT-IT project aims to analyze industrial target assessment practices and to develop fit-for-purpose guidelines for efficient target assessment. These guidelines will be published in a peer-reviewed journal and made available to academic groups and research institutions. The GOT-IT project accompanies the experimental R&D projects of the BMBF funding scheme and actively incorporates input and feedback from these project teams into the guideline development process - to increase comprehensibility and practicability of the guidelines. Further dissemination and sustainability is supported through publications, training programs and an online expert platform for target assessment.
In summary, the GOT-IT project addresses the often sub-optimal translatability of basic research findings and will help to ensure that newly identified targets are validated in such a way that the commercial utilization and competitiveness of academic target assessment projects is increased. This will enable academic innovations to reach patients faster and more effectively.