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GOT-IT Tools

Critical Path Generator

The GOT-IT Team is developing a Critical Path Generator tool, which will assist scientist in planning and structuring a target validation project. The CP Generator will help to arrange important target Validation Blocks into a project-specific path and will provide support in defining Go/NoGo decision criteria. Using a query form, the CP Generator will help identify strengths and weaknesses of a project to invest critical resources in an optimal way.

More detailed information will follow soon.

Educational Tool

The Educational Tool for young scientists informs about important aspects of target validation. The target validation process is depicted as a train journey. In the Central Station, information is provided for planning a target validation project. Being on the Journey, you will be taken through different Train Stations that provide additional information about important core aspects of target validation. In addition, illustrative examples for potential Roadblocks, Delays and Project Goals are provided.

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